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Unique Services Offered

  • Owned and operated by Licensed Clinician Addiction Specialist (LCAS), with 20 years experience in helping young men in early recovery.
  • Nine in-house recovery meetings per week,  many led by Jon Clarke and a house manager (CSAC or CPSS credentials).
  • Recovery/Life Reviews take place at the 3-week mark and every three weeks throughout the residents stay.  The purpose of these are to allow residents to establish there own recovery and life goals.  It is important that everyone takes ownership of their own recovery.
  • Educate and support families to better understand addiction and the recovery process.  This may happen via a phone call or when families visit property.   Family work takes place per family request, and is typically very informal.
  • Discharge decisions/plans of resident are reviewed.  Ongoing recovery often is contingent on a safe departure plan.
  • Provide and arrange referrals if crisis (relapse) situation arises.

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