Details of Residency

Daily Activities

In a traditional weekday, residents will attend a 9 a.m. morning recovery meeting, often lead by owner, Jon Clarke, LCAS. During this time residents will check in with the house by discussing their plans for the day and any obstacles that may be impending personal recovery or growth.


This group is also facilitated by the 12-step process and spiritual readings. After the morning meeting most residents will attend school or go to work. Residents not working or in school, especially during those in their first 45 days, will attend either NA or AA 12-step meetings, go to the gym, fellowship, or take part in structured activities such as hiking and other outside activities.


Additionally, the house hosts two house meetings a week on Thursday and Sunday to discuss house issues.  There are also two 12-step meetings a week on property; one open discussion bonfire meeting, and one book study. This makes a total of 9 staff facilitated meetings on property a week. These small meetings tend to provide a safe, less intimidating environment for individuals to really disclose where they are at in their recovery.

What to Bring With You

1) It is important to bring two forms of identification. (picture ID and SS card)

2) Any prescribed medication you are currently taking (we also need physician orders)

3) Personal vehicles (must be cleared by Oak Tree staff)

4) All personal clothing to include any items that are weather specific

5) All personal hygiene items (laundry detergent is provided by Oak Tree)

6) Cell phones and laptops are permitted

7) Twin bedding and pillow is strongly encouraged.  Please bring laundry basket and towels too!

8) One weeks worth of food to help get started

9) All tobacco items

10) Personal spending money

11) Personal recreation items (Buncombe County Sports Complex across the street)

Items NOT to Bring

1) Any prescribed controlled substance (ie: pain killers, sleep/anxiety medications)

2) Suboxone, Subutex, Methadone, or similar opiate withdrawal medications

3) Designer/synthetic drugs (ie: Spice, Bath Salts or any other mood altering chemical)

4) Weapons (guns, knives, etc)

5) Valuables or items that cannot be replaced (large sums of cash discouraged)

6) Pornography

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