“I want to extend a warm welcome to all potential residents, family members, and clinicians working to facilitate aftercare placement. I am available to all. The admissions interview is just a phone call away. Do not let the fear of limited financial resources prevent you from calling. I will guide you in anyway I can whether it be into the Oak Tree or not. The most important advice I can give is to not try to do it alone. The early recovery process is challenging enough and without guidance and support it is nearly impossible. My promise to you is that I will provide a home that gives recovery the best possible chance.”

Jon Clarke, LCAS

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Any male 18 and over is eligible for admission so long as they meet the following criteria.

1) Oak Tree Recovery House does not accept sex offenders, individuals charged or convicted of violent crimes or arson within the past five years.


2) Individuals with a mental health diagnosis that  jeopardizes one’s ability to function on a daily basis in a community setting.  Any psychotropic medication regimen must be in place for at least 30 days prior to entry to Oak Tree.  Upon request, documentation indicating psychiatric stability may be required.


3) Not currently using Suboxone, Subutex, Methadone, designer drugs such as: Spice, Bath Salts, Kratom or any other controlled substance.  Guests will be tested  for all synthetic drugs.  Drug testing is state-of-the-art, done via laboratory and is insurance driven.


4) Most applicants are required to have at least 30 days continuous clean/sober time or come directly from an in-patient treatment program.  We will consider certain situations or special requests on a case-by-case basis.


5) Be willing to attend an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for approximately 8 weeks.  This takes place at The Road Inc.   Please look at the website, to gain more information.


6) Be willing to commit to a 90 day stay.  Typically guests stay 5-6 months.  The best time to leave the Oak Tree is when you have a 12 Step program that works.  Don't rush this process or you have to start over.


7) Have the ability to pay the $2750 entrance fee.  These monies are non-refundable.  The money covers all administrative/activity/clinical costs and the first week’s fee for the guest to enter the house.


8) Willing to attend a minimum of five 12-step meetings a week.  Guests will also be required get a sponsor, and work a chosen program of AA or NA.   Most importantly recognize recovery is a lifestyle and a mindset, that above all else is required to live at the house.


9) Willing to help maintain the appearance of Oak Tree Recovery House which will include daily chores and weekly deep cleans.  The Oak Tree yards are also maintained by the residents.  This is "your home", take pride in it.   Rooms and common areas must remain clean at all times.


10)  Understand that during the first 45 days dating is not permitted unless it is a long standing relationship that is healthy and good boundaries are in place, no new relationships. Also during the first 45 days overnights are discouraged and there is a 10:30 curfew.  Curfew extensions are available, as well as some overnights with family in this 45 day period.


11) Upon acceptance guest must have a clear understanding that they will be discharged immediately from Oak Tree Recovery House if there is any use or seeking of drugs or alcohol on or off premises.  Administrative discharge is permissible at Director’s discretion.


12) Oak Tree has a zero tolerance policy in regard to acts of violence, threats of violence or racial/ homophobic slurs toward any person on Oak Tree property.  Guests will be asked to leave property immediately.


13) No sexual activity of any kind on property.  All female visitors must be cleared prior to visitation and no females will be allowed in a guest’s room.


14) Understand, if you chose to bring valuables, you assume all risks and that Oak Tree Recovery House is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items during your stay.

Work & Volunteer Requirements

1) All guests of Oak Tree Recovery House are required to stay busy in a productive manner.  This would include either working, volunteering in the community, or attending school full time.  Typically work is discouraged for the first month while the new resident settles in and is in IOP.  It is vital that guests build relationships with guys in recovery first, this time is used to establish strong healthy relationships with other Oak Tree residents.


2) You are responsible for getting yourself to and from work or school each day.  Oak Tree Recovery House is not responsible for your transportation, although we will assist in arranging rides if deemed necessary.


3) Every guest must be up by 8:00 am Monday–Friday. Oak Tree Recovery House provides internet access, house computer and phone, to facilitate guests seeking employment.  We also assist in resume building and recommend employers in Asheville at large that may be hiring.  Oak Tree is not an employment agency.

Program Fees

1) The entrance fee is $2750, which includes $750.00 for the first week and a $2000 non-refundable administrative/clinical fees. The other option is to pay $5000, which includes the $3000 for the first month and the $2000 admin fee. Financial hardships will be considered on a case by case basis.


2) The weekly fee of $750.00 is due each Friday  to pay for the upcoming week in advance.  Paying monthly at $3000 is also an option.  The preferred method of payment is personal checks upon admission, and direct deposits are then established for ongoing weekly or monthly payments.


3) Guests who have an outstanding balance on their account must make immediate arrangements with Jon Clarke or Ryan Mitchiner.

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